Our Family, our friends, and our businesses live in Whittier, CA and the local surrounding areas. Walk into our office and feel the warm and welcoming experience of a friendly staff who cares more about you feeling confident about insurance than feeling lost and mislead.



auto insurance is the law

Car Accidents are on the rise more than ever. It’s also illegal to NOT carry Auto Insurance, we can help to find the most efficient coverage for the amount of miles you drive in your vehicle.



without it, you can lose everything

Burglars, Fires, Earthquakes, oh my! Prosperous sheilds the risk of anything that can happen in and around your property



commercial insurance to keep you looking ahead

Business can be just as risky as rewarding. Workplace hazards and technology breaches, insurance can help get you to where you need to go with the peace of mind you work so hard to deserve. We service general liability and coverage for all size businesses, all industries. Both clients and you, the business owner, can feel secure in our policies.